Practical thinking and implementation is an important aspect of our business philosophy.
Our main skills are in manufacturing interlining fabrics for textile sector and embroidery backings. For more than 20 years, we have been one of the best group leaders in interlinings fabric industry. Quality, reliability, speed and punctuality are our core values.

What we stand for?


As a global market leader, we always find and produce perfect interlinings for our customers.


We are always promising and punctual in every field we are working in. We provide our customer reliable services.


Unlike others we always complete our work as per customer’s requirements.

Our Motivation:

We are always motivated when it comes to manufacturing of interlining fabrics. Whatever we do, we do it with proper planning and future-oriented. We have around 250+ talented and motivated employees who work hard to fulfil our customer’s requirements.
We provide excellent services to our clients, both locally as well as globally.

“We value our promises with our customers. So we provide outstanding premium service and consistently high product quality to our clients.”

~Waqas Javed (CEO at Sadiq interlinings)


Mr. Javed Iqbal founded Sadiq Interlinings.

Imported Woven Interlining technology and equipment from Germany and Switzerland

Our Team​:

“We achieve the quantity and quality measures with the help of our team. Our most knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals played a Major role to achieves our goals.”

Established in the early 2000s, Sadiq Interlining Pvt. Ltd is a modern ISO-9000 certified Pakistani manufacturing company of superior quality Fusible Interlinings. The company specialized in developing an extensive range of Woven Fusible Interlinings, Non -Woven Fusible interlinings & Embroidery Backings for the apparel industry.

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