Woven Interlining Collar Cuttings


Established in the early 1999, Sadiq Interlining Pvt. Ltd is a modern ISO-9000 certified Pakistani manufacturing company of superior quality Fusible Interlinings. The company specialized in developing an extensive range of Woven Fusible Interlinings, Non -Woven Fusible interlinings & Embroidery Backings for the apparel industry. For this purpose, we acquire state-of-the-art plants and machinery from Germany and Switzerland. We are justifiably proud of our reputation for delivering excellent customer service and have been honored to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands. Our current daily production capacity stays in big figure of fusible interlining. Our mill employs over 250 people who have shown exemplary skill and helped the company to manufacture millions of meters of fabric to date. Our shared experience helps us provide our clients with the customized fabric of exceptional quality.

Sadiq Interining Mission

Being in the modern world, “change” is the key to a successful business. Sadiq Interlinings Pvt. Ltd will continue to innovate to fulfill every customer need. We hope to grow with our employees and together create a new industry to foster a better 21 century. Our right intention, honest work &  continuous study effort leads us to achieve our goals 

Woven Fusible interlining

Sadiq interlinings provide best solutions to the people in apparel fabric and textile industry. After deeply understanding the needs and techniques of the fabric, Sadiq interlinings produce high quality fabrics that are designed with utmost care on demand. Recent searches has shown that customized fabrics are more reliable and trending in the market. Industry experts has also agreed to this conclusion. So Sadiq interlinings are producing best quality woven fabric. This woven fabric is prepared by 100% cotton and HDPE coating. Woven fusible interlining is used in shirts collar and cuffs and for apparels.

Woven Fusible Interlining
Non Woven Fusible Interlining
Non-Woven Fusible Interlining

Having years of experience in producing fabric of all kinds, Sadiq Interlinings is now producing all types of chemical bonded non-woven fabrics. Chemical bonded non-woven fabrics have a variety of types that are used in wide range of environment. Chemical bonded non-woven fabrics is produced by using 100% cotton fibre. Chemical bonded non-woven fabric used for embroidery backing, apparel support, there is also a technical used in automotive industry for filtration.

Sadiq interlinings has always been promising to their fabric quality. So having quality fabric manufacturers Sadiq interlinings produce top quality fabrics. 

Embroidery Backing

Embroidery backings from high-quality materials enable easy and applicable embroidery on all types of fabrics. Whether the fabric is woven, water-resistant, soft or fabric having any other properties, if you are using high-quality embroidery backing then it will do no harm to fabric.

Sadiq interlining is providing such high-quality embroidery backings that are easily applicable to any fabric and you can remove them easily after stitching. Our embroidery backings provide stability to use that you want and the backings are suitable for multihued machines to use as well. 

Embroidery Backings
Woven Fusible Interlining Rolls
Collar & Cuff Cutting Rolls

Having experience in the market of interlining industry, Sadiq interlinings has come up with collar and cuff cutting rolls as well. We manufacture plain collar rolls made with cotton all the worlds. We provide our customers the facility of readymade collar and cuff interlinings as well as collar cutting rolls. These interlinings are originally prepared and tested by Sadiq interlinings having top quality fabric.

We focus on customer central approach and try to produce exactly the customer needed. Sadiq interlinings has now become well known leaders in textile industry for providing woven, non-woven fabrics, embroidery backings and cutting cuff rolls.



Trust is the building block of any relationship with our stakeholders, be it clients, partners, or employees. We believing in building trust prior to building a business relationship.


We plan to stay committed to our core goal and adapt to new technologies in order to provide the most innovative solutions.


If we can’t meet the quality levels, we don’t deserve to be doing business at the highest levels. We firmly believe that there should be no compromise on quality.